Morgan Nowland


My name is Morgan Nowland. I’m a photographer residing in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  I was raised by two design-oriented parents. While in grade school I became fascinated with graphic design. I was introduced to screen printing and the whole process to get a design from digital ink to the print screens and then onto clothing. This was also the time I picked up a camera. I started on a hand-me-down Pentax k1000 film camera. I built my first pin-hole camera out of a cardboard box. I haven’t been without a camera since.

I pursued my upper level education in Industrial Design, but later switched my major to sociology. The basic training in shape, color, and use of space I received from my industrial design courses was incredibly valuable to me; however, I wanted more freedom to explore my own personal design style. I chose sociology because I've always been fascinated with how people communicate with each other. I explored the interactions between men and women, business and government, producer and consumer, and the powers of race, gender, and socio-economic status.

I value the education I received. I better understand how people communicate and react to forms of communication. I have found a way to marriage my understanding of communication with my love of design. I mold my photography to communicate messages, ideas, and emotions to the viewer.

Whether you're interested in purchasing prints, need images for your next marketing campaign, or have any other photo requests, please contact me.


Clients Include

Franklin Architects

Hefferlin & Kronenberg Architects

Marcus DiPietro

Ethan Collier

AD Engineering

Rosney Co Architects

CityScope Magazine

Gary Crow

Charlotte Mabry

Wayne Williams

Brent Mercer

Green Room Interiors

Dawn D. Totty Designs


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